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In Memory Of Saint Valentine

24th November 288 – 14th February 328

This memorial website was created in the memory of Saint Valentine, born in Roman Empire on the 24th November 288 and passed away on the 14th February 328, 39 years of age.
Full Name: Saint Valentine
Born: 24th November 288
Passed Away: 14th February 328
Age: 39 years of age
Location: Roman Empire
Country: Italy
Birth Place: Roman Empire

Created by Peter on 2 Oct 2007
In Memory Of Saint Valentine

Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Feast 14 February
Attributes birds; roses; bishop with a crippled or epileptic child at his feet; bishop with a rooster nearby; bishop refusing to adore an idol; bishop being beheaded; priest bearing a sword; priest holding a sun; priest giving sight to a blind girl
Patronage affianced couples, against fainting, bee keepers, greeting card manufacturers, happy marriages, love, plague, travellers, young people.

St. Valentine was venerated for his love of God in Italy during Roman rule, --it is said that he married Christian couples against the order of the Ceasar and was martyred for this.


The photo is of a shrine to St. Valentine, said to contain his remains (although given that 1700 years has past, no one really knows), in the small town of Goldach, St. Gallen, Switzerland, overlooking beautiful Lake Constance.  The church, St. Mauritius Catholic Church, has an open door policy until 7PM, so no appointment is necessary to visit his schrine.


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